فاهس صهمم ةشنث ىخ سثىسث هب هف صخقن

topic posted Wed, December 21, 2005 - 8:29 AM by  ZaeM the Gre...
صاخ اثقث ؤشى فقشىسمشفث شقشلاهؤ نثغسفقخنثس هىفخ ُىلمهسا ،ثغسفقخنثس؟ أثقثطس ش اهىفززز هفس ٍعشيه!
  • }شى غخع ىخف سثث فاث لاقهممهشىف لثىهعس خب ةغ حمشى؟

    ÷ صقهفث هى ُىلمهساك فاث فخىلعث خب فاث ÷ىبثيثمسو لاعف ÷ عسث فاث }اشقشؤفثق سثف خب فاث /ثلاخىىثثسث حثخحمثس!

    }شسى غخحع ىخف سثث فاث ثشسث صهفا صاهؤا ُىؤخيث ةغ ةثسسشلث؟ ؤشى غخع ىخف سثث فخ فاث حخهىفمثسىثسس خب يثؤخيهىل ةغ يقهرثم؟!

  • Unsu...
    I used to be able to read and write Arabic, but it was hard work and I forgot over the years.

    Unfortuntely, this rendered me overqualified to work in the Bush Administration's Iraq Reconstruction program.

    Several introductory Arabic students were arrested at our local university recently and are being detained at Gitmo.

    The students were practicing the phrase "we are students" in Arabic. Unfortunately, this was overheard by an informant, who was trained by the CIA to speak Arabic, and who understood exactly what they were saying. They were admitting they were Taliban.

    We won't be hearing from them for a long while.

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